Reading and reviewing is something I do in my spare time, I am not a professional reviewer.

I only read and review published JAFF (Jane Austen Fan Fiction) which is based on Pride & Prejudice. I do not read/review anything based on her other works.

There are no affiliate links which generate income on this blog.  Additionally, I do not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. 

I will consider all queries.  However, if you do not hear from me in a timely fashion please assume I am not able to accept your request/offer.

If I am interested in your book I will accept (in order of preference):

– Audiobooks (Almost guaranteed to accept)
– Physical copy (ARC or finished/bound copy)
– Digital copy (I own a Kindle)

To make it easier for both of us, please use the Contact Form HERE if you would like to discuss your book with me.



I prefer reading a series in order, so I ask that if you are requesting a review for a book which is part of a series that you include all of the preceding installments. The preceding installments may or may not also receive a review.

I reserve the right to NOT post a review of your book should I not feel comfortable doing so. This may be because I was unable to finish your book but could be for a variety of reasons.

I tend to post my reviews on Amazon, Booklikes and Goodreads but that is at my discretion.

My reviews usually include the following (but may vary from book to book):
  • Source
  • Image of Book Cover
  • Title
  • Author Name
  • Publisher
  • Date Published
  • Page Count
  • ISBN
  • Short Summary
  • First Sentence
  • My Personal Review of the Book
  • A rating on a 1-5 Scale

For more info please see my Review Requests page as the answer you are looking for may be there.

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