I wanted to keep an ever growing list of all the JAFF titles I came across but it's a never ending task!  If I come across any more I'll add them as I go but for now my JAFF hunt is on hiatus at almost 700 and I shall be adding to the sections a few at a time.  The list was getting a bit unwieldy so I have split them up into sections which can be found in the dropdown menus above the header or by following links like those below which are in every book section.

A-B ~ C-D ~ E-G ~ H-L ~ M-N ~ O-P ~ Q-S ~ T-Z

So many wonderful stories and I'll never run out of reading material!

These are all available in paperback as far as I know.  Comment if you know of a title I missed or one that you'd like to recommend.

Titles which I have already reviewed are linked to their respective review. 

~~*This list is a work in progress so don't be surprised to find sections missing...I'll fill 'em soon.*~~

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