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If you're interested in sending me a review copy of your book (or audio-book) for review, I'm happy to hear from you.

I am currently open to receiving requests to review but please bear in mind that an audiobook or physical copy will tempt me far more than an ebook.  (I have several kindles and most are bursting at the seams with my own bought books and I'd hate for yours to get swamped by them and overlooked.)

I only accept Pride & Prejudice related stories.  Vagaries, Variations, Prequels, Sequels, Retellings...anything really, just so long as it has P&P at its core.  I try to be selective to ensure that each book I read and review receives the necessary time and attention it deserves. I have no objection to older publications. It's unimportant to me whether the book was published last week, last year or even the beginning of the last millennium. Old or new, I'll consider it all.

Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Speculative, Mystery....again, it's all good.   The only thing I can't really get to grips with is Erotic, I struggle with that one.

Publishers, authors, etc.:

You should know several things before you contact me:

1) You can expect honesty. My reviews are my own personal opinions so they will be subjective. If I love a book I will say why, equally if I'm not fond of a particular book then I will give reasons. Not all books are guaranteed a positive review.  Not all books are guaranteed a review.  If I can't finish a book I prefer not to review it, I get no joy from that.
3) I can not guarantee that I will get to your book immediately. I can't promise to get to your book within a given time frame. If you have a deadline in mind, please mention it as it may affect the decision to review.  At the moment my turnaround is pretty quick but that changes day to day depending on what's on the TBR pile at any given time.
4)I usually cross-post my reviews. If there is anywhere you’d like my review posted please let me know in advance and I’ll consider it.
5)Your ARCs are safe with me – I will not sell them! .

And finally, if you have any interest in giveaways/author interviews/guest posts etc, you know the drill... communication is key! 

Please fill in the form below with any requests and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

For any other questions or concerns, reach me at:


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